Travel Promotes Inclusion

As a child, my family prioritized diversity in many ways. My family attended church in a diverse city nearby so that I could access multiple perspectives and backgrounds, learning from those around me. When my grandmother told my mom she wanted me to go to private school, my mom reminded her of the immense benefits … Read more

The Doll Video That Went Viral

A few weeks ago, the video below went viral on Facebook. A young girl, Emma, received a gift that would make her feel validated, appreciated. This doll was a reminder that there are others like her. This video is an immediate heartwarming reminder of some amazing work being done by organizations like A Step Ahead Prosthetics and … Read more

How to Stop Cyber Bullying

The world teenagers live in is so different, in many ways, from the one we grew up in. The constant access to social media has caused an uptick in bullying– particularly cyber bullying. Kids are able to hide behind a keyboard or a screen, and in doing so, they are more likely to forget that … Read more

Why Every Child Should Go Camping At Least Once (But Preferably All the Time)

Sometimes, I worry that today’s kids are overly connected– staring at their phones, requiring constant entertainment, especially in the city. When I ask my students what they did during the weekend, their answers usually include the words “Netflix” and “Snapchat” more often than “biking” or “play.” Last week, I took my students (city kids growing … Read more

The Value in Truly Listening

Have you ever experienced that infuriating situation when you share that you are going through a hard time and your loved one responds with, “Well, look on the bright side…” or “At least…” On the receiving end of these comments, it feels as though someone is minimizing any experiences you have had and taking away … Read more

How Max Braverman Won Student Body President

“Some people may say having Asperger’s is bad, but I think it’s my best quality.” At KIT, we’ve written before about Parenthood, the show that taught us all about the stresses and joys of having a child with Asperger’s (among other stories within the show). I, myself, had never seen the show before, and I … Read more

The Problem with Favoritism

“I mean, honestly, the number of times she’s disrupted my class, she should have been suspended by now…” When one of my fellow teachers was talking about a student in her class who is a constant disruption and struggles to regulate her behavior, I cringed (on the inside) at how quickly she was judging this … Read more

When the Teacher Takes a Page Out of the Camp Counselor’s Book

A wise mentor once told me, “Camp counselors need to learn from teachers, and teachers need to learn from camp counselors.” I got what he was saying, but I’m not sure I really got it. This week, I gave it a try. I’ve been feeling bogged down by my job. With standardized testing coming up, … Read more

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Last Fall, this video, in which Lily Eskelsen Garcia explains ALL that teachers do each day, went viral. … And it’s true! Many teachers are caregivers, primary emotional support providers, instructional experts, snack-givers, referees, relationship-builders, and much more. Teachers, thank you for all that you do to promote confidence and help students find  a sense … Read more

Happy Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week!

This week is National Afterschool Association (NAA)’s Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week! This week is a chance to thank the people who make an incredible range of afterschool activities possible for children and families across the United States. With two parents who worked full-time, I attended after-school activities throughout my childhood. I had the opportunity to … Read more